Thursday, June 20, 2019

How convincing do you find Stuart Hall's approach to 'race' Essay

How convincing do you find Stuart Halls approach to race - Essay ExampleTherefore, Stuart Halls approach to race is totally convincing to me, and it is practical in a number of situations it provides vast knowledge on race dynamics. Stuart Hall argued about the human culture and the tendency to categorise human beings into subgroups, as well as fragment human society diversity into discrete types with regard to characteristics and qualities, which are deemed essential and are always super high. The qualities and characteristics according to which human beings are categorised whitethorn include intellectual, body and physical characteristics among others (Smaje, 2000, p.55). This categorisation is a reflective cultural impulse it gives human beings a chance to understand various meanings in classification. Stuart Hall argued that classification is an extremely fundamental aspect of the culture of human beings (Rex and Mason, 1989, p. 35). Further, the signifi baset aspect of classi fication to bulk is when the classification becomes the power disposition object. This point is relevant to the extent that marking of the similarities and differences across populations of human beings becomes the reference point for treating one group of people with privileges, which may not be enjoyed by another group of people (Malik, 1996, p. 43). In essence, classification facilitates one group to be treated favorably, and the other group gets subjected to a wide range of discriminations and suffering. This juncture marks the union of classification of human societies and cultures and power and authority. Classification assumes the emplacement of a power system, and this power system is demonstrate in a wide range of characteristics, especially in human beings (Smaje, 2000, p.57). For instance, this system of power is evidenced in gender, which ascribes feminine and masculine identities to people in a cultural setting. From these ascriptions, a vast range of opportunities, aspirations and behavior can be predicted from the classifications (Omi and Winant, 1994, p. 33). Therefore, classification is an extremely generative term, and the moment an individual is classified into some(prenominal) group or race, many things and aspects assume their position in the life of the individual, as a result of the classification. However, classification has another significant aspect in the life of people it awakens the minds of people and maintains order and stratification of a system. This order is retained at all times, and anything which disturbs this order is viewed negatively, and people who strive to retain the status quo fight to return the order to its original position (Rex and Mason, 1989, p. 46). Apparently, it becomes clear that classification is not only a division into whites and blacks, but also that one of these groups has more(prenominal) value (positive) than the other group. This is the path always taken by power, and any person who attempts to ascribe white characteristics to blacks generates immense worry in society. In such(prenominal) instances, people experience misplaced priority and misappropriated ascription, which is described as matter out of place (Malik, 1996, p. 43). This phrase denotes that all societies and cultures have classification orders, which can be said to be inbuilt and out of the culture (Augstein, 1996, p. 36). This order informs people about their position in a society, their rank, as well as

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