Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Interaction Theories Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Interaction Theories - Essay Example Over the past few weeks, there has been some distance between the two, which Jade translated as diminishing interest and ignorance, not knowing that Mason was under job stress and pressure. One night over a phone conversation between the two, Mason was more silent and seemed disinterested in the conversation. This upset Jade, who quickly ended the conversation and sent him a text expressing her feelings. Mason’s reply was that since they were in a long distance relationship, they had little to talk about and that she was blowing his reasons for silence out of proportion. After several exchanges and arguments, the couple finally realized that they both lead busy lives, but they must ensure that they put positive efforts for their relationship to work. The argument was also a revelation for Mason. It presented Jade as a sensitive person who needs constant attention. She also holds her emotions within her when she gets upset. Eventually, the couple came to a mutual agreement. Mas on now understood her better and apologized to her. Application Evolutionary psychology is a biological approach that seeks to explain human behavior and interaction with other humans. The emphasis of the theory in human relations includes parenting, interactions within relatives and families, and interactions with unrelated people. According to this theory, most of the human behavior is explainable by internal psychological mechanisms (Chadee, 2011). In essence, this theory attributes human behaviors to adaption and psychological mechanisms, which are responses to particular contingencies in their environment, and their selection depends on their contribution to survival and reproduction. Jade’s father left at a very tender age. She therefore developed psychological mechanisms that made her sensitive, seeking attention for that fatherly love. This explains her past relationship problems, and the recent one with Mason. Her ideal romantic partner is one who cares and listens t o her. Luckily, Mason now understands her. Attachment theory explains the dynamics and principles of long-term relationships between people. The theory has an extension of adult romantic relations by Philip Shaver and Cindy Hazan. The attachment theory explains four styles of attachments in adults: anxious-preoccupied, secure, fearful-avoidant, and dismissive-avoidance (Chadee, 2011). Securely attached adults have positive views of themselves, their relationships, and their partners. They are comfortable with independence and intimacy. In the dismissive-avoidant group, adults seek independence, avoiding attachment completely. They consider themselves invulnerable to feelings and self-sufficient. They suppress their feelings and distance themselves when rejected. With fearful-avoidant adults, there is mixed feelings and reactions on emotional closeness. They desire the closeness, and at the same time feel uncomfortable. They consider themselves unworthy and mistrust their partners. A nxious-preoccupied individuals need approval, responsiveness, and high levels of intimacy. As a result, they become overly dependent on their partners (Chadee, 2011). These adults have less positive views of themselves and their relationship, are less trusting, and display high levels of impulsiveness, worry, and emotional expressiveness. Jade fits well in the anxious-preoccupied style of attachment. This is evident from her emotional

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