Saturday, July 20, 2019

Essay --

Dr. Goodall is a well-known British primatologist who has discovered a substantial amount about primates in her many years of research. She has written numerous books, including one that we will be going into depth about called, â€Å"Through a Window.† Her book contains personal experiences, research findings, and even pictures to help the readers visualize her scientific breaking moments from her thirty years with the chimpanzees of Gombe. She states that there is are minor differences, and several similarities between humans and the chimpanzees. We will discuss these differences and similarities through their social behavior, intellectual ability, and emotions. To conclude, examine Goodall’s research to adopt what her findings can tell us about our early ancestors, and whether or not her study coincided to the steps of scientific methodology. To start, research shows that there are a striking number of similarities between humans and chimpanzees in context to their social behavior. Next, we will see comparisons between humans and chimpanzees through their intellectual abilities. ...

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