Monday, July 22, 2019

The Effects of Internet Addiction Essay Example for Free

The Effects of Internet Addiction Essay The Effects of Internet Addiction As we are living in a digital world, many people spend too much time using the Internet, and it is terrible to see more than 15 percent of people spend more than 11 hours a week using the Internet in different ways. However, do you want to have many health problems or social problems because of the Internet? As you know, being an introvert person, having sleeplessness, and getting sore eyes are the three common effects of Internet addiction. Being an introvert person is one way to affect your life negatively because of the Internet addiction. Many people believe that spending too much time in front of the monitor can separate them from other people, and make them feel introvert, shy, and unsocial person. In addition to that, if the parents spend a lot of time using the Internet, they children will learn to do the same. Consequently, the children will be addictive as same as their parents, and that is really so bad for children and adults too. Having insomnia is yet another reason of Internet addiction. Since people stay many times searching the websites, chatting with their friends, and doing many things online, so they will get used to sleep late every night, which is too bad for their health. For example, if we used to watch online movies at night, especially the horror movies, we would be scared and feel that we do not want to sleep, which is leading to insomnia. Getting eyes inflammation is one more reason of exaggeration to use the Internet. For instance, when you spend more than 11 hours a week looking at the computer screen, your family will tell you that your eyes become reddish. Due to the Internet addiction and its disadvantages at our eyes, most of ophthalmologists say that we have to reduce of exposure our eyes to computer screens. Furthermore, do you want to have ugly eyes because of the Internet? In conclusion, it is clearly noted that being introvert, having lack of sleep at night, and getting eyes problems are enough effects to stop addictive at the Internet, and use it in balance way for significant reasons only.

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