Friday, July 26, 2019

Research paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words - 12

Research paper - Essay Example A good swimming technique relies on the efficiency of one’s power transfer process by overcoming drag. Moreover, deriving maximum energy output from the effort put in is mainly the essence for swimmers to improve their performance in competitive swimming. The discussion provides a detailed technical analysis of swimming strokes – freestyle, backstroke, and butterfly, along with a review of the biomechanical principles related to each of those strokes. Furthermore, suggestions of drills or exercises for improving the favorite stroke of backstroke, based on the technical and biomechanical aspects, will also be critiqued. The basic swimming strokes of Freestyle, Backstroke, and Butterfly stroke are taken for analysis focusing on its biomechanics and technical aspects. Freestyle is generally the fastest and most popular stroke, with front crawl being the most commonly chosen among swimmers. That is, although swimmers or in particular ones in competition can choose whatever stroke they wish during the freestyle, mostly they choose front crawl which involves the swimmer circling his/her arms forward in alternation even while kicking their foots up and down. Next, the Backstroke, or otherwise the elementary backstroke is perfect for recreational and competitive arena. In this swimming stroke, the individual lies right on his back in the supine position on water and the strokes are done with one arm at a time. Last, the butterfly stroke is done on the breast, by moving both the arms and is accompanied by the dolphin kick. Unlike the other strokes, butterfly stroke is quite difficult and requires adequate practice with proper technique and strong muscle coordination. Freestyle, being the fastest stroke, would clearly improve one’s speed in swimming and this stroke is quite essential for lifeguard practices. As above-mentioned, it is characterized by stroking of the arms alternatively over the water surface, accompanied with alternating flutter kick in an

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