Saturday, October 19, 2019

Leaders as agents of Socialization Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words

Leaders as agents of Socialization - Term Paper Example That is, the gradual shift from an unfavorable environment to a more favorable one has the likelihood to reshape the initial cognitive cycle of the child, thereby emphasizing the role that conscious educational environments could create for the child. Essentially, inequality in educational achievement has been attributed majorly to the physical environment that the child grows in. The cultural capital theory helps to explain disparities in educational attainment based on the environmental setup that children grow in (Meyer, 2007). Intellectual ability is assessed through educational attainment of individuals. However, the interaction between such achievement and the socialization has prompted wide research into the impacts of social structures on the individual’s ability to socialize (loosely translated into the ability to interact freely and intelligently with other members of a social setup). Socialization is a key factor in the determination of the skill development in young children. Consequently, a great deal of attention has been concentrated to understanding how cultures create a social structure, and how such structures affect the ability to socialize (Turner, 2006). From the dimension of a school leader, the above argument presents a state to redefine the way children socialize. That is, irrespective of their cultural background. The leader aims at creating a supportive environment that recognizes the existence of each member of a society, and attempts to genuinely offer them equal opportunity to develop their social skills. In order to address the disparities between various members of a community, it is essential to create a transformative environment that will enable convergence of interests and encourage those who are seen to be underprivileged to come out more boldly and confront their past misgivings. The transformation environment created by a school leader cannot be complete without

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