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Sunday in the park with George Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Sunday in the park with George - Essay Example The particular song, â€Å"Finishing the Hat† was chosen because of the several meanings that it has throughout the song. The focus in this song is based on George and losing his loved one. When he approaches this, he calls it finishing the hat, which works as a metaphor to the incomplete piece that he is feeling at the moment. This universal theme of losing love is able to tie together to the rest of the emotions that George is feeling as well as the absence of his loved one at this particular moment. Even though this is the main theme of the song, there are other interpretations that can be added into this and which are noted from the lyrics as well as the musical techniques that are used through the piece. The â€Å"Finishing the Hat† song is not only interesting because of the main themes that George is singing about. There are several musical changes that are used throughout the piece to create different expressions. When listening to this piece, one is able to tie it into the rest of the musical, while allowing this particular theme to stand on its own. This combination of elements allows the piece to be one of the strongest in the musical and provides a deeper understanding to what is occurring in different parts of the song. This allows one to develop a specific relationship to George, the situation and what is occurring, specifically through the musical techniques. The song â€Å"Finishing the Hat† is used as a pause in the main story line to express the emotions that are occurring through the plot line. The first way that this relates to the plot line is through the main theme used with â€Å"Sunday Park in the George.† This musical was known to be taken from the painting that was a part of the time frame of 1884 (see Appendix A). The artwork that was depicted during this time is one of the most renowned pieces that are from the different

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