Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Why Should Eveline Stay Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Why Should Eveline Stay - Essay Example Her father was an alcoholic who was so violent upon getting drunk. This poses the life of Eveline at risk at some times and forces her to look for ways of escaping to another country in order to detach herself from the persistent problems (Franz, 21). The social problems makes Eveline to take moments and ponder over the question of escaping to a far country with her friend and lover named Frank. However, another problem sets in. she is convinced that if she escapes, she would not have solved the perennial domestic problems at home. In addition, she will have given herself even more problems since coping up in an entirely new environment is a challenge. This follows that one does not exactly know what problems and challenges await in such a foreign environment. Therefore, this makes the part of decision-making become difficult with regards to Eveline’s perspective. However, she decides to stay and face the problems, as has always been the case. There are several reasons to justify the fact that Eveline should stay. First of all, Eveline herself is depicted as having many strong ties to her native home. There are several responsibilities that can emerge following the fact that Eveline was the only daughter in her family. Therefore, Eveline played key roles in ensuring that those responsibilities are carried out effectively. Thus, escaping from her home would mean that several of such responsibilities would not have been carried out. This follows that her mother was not around to take all the responsibilities. This follows that her father could not take any responsibility and making him do so would be like inviting more troubles to the whole family because of his violent nature. Therefore, Eveline had to stay in order to ensure that she takes good care of the two children. Again staying with her mother made her get motherly care and favor. This is so crucial in the development of human beings no matter

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