Monday, September 23, 2019

Black Water security and what they do in Iraq as security contractors Essay

Black Water security and what they do in Iraq as security contractors - Essay Example Blackwater is one of the most high profile private security firms working in Iraq. Blackwater Worldwide along with its subsidiaries, Blackwater Training Center, Blackwater Target Systems, Blackwater Security Consulting and Blackwater Canine is engaged in the task of providing security to American officials in Iraq, in keeping with the company’s aim of employing a â€Å"new generation of capability, skills, and people to solve the spectrum of needs in the world of security† (Blackwater The services the company renders, include providing security for the American military bases, the Green Zone, infrastructure, weapons demolition, cash transport, guarding important military, civilian and government dignitaries, gathering of intelligence, covert operations, psychological warfare, and most importantly, training Iraqi security forces. (Government Accountability Office, Rebuilding Iraq: Actions Needed to Improve Use of Private Security Providers (July 2005) (GAO-05-737).) Being the security provider for sensitive and important officials of the government and also the military, Blackwater personnel have to often engage in fights with the locals and in one such incident in Baghdad on September 16, 2007, 14 Iraqi civilians and 18 others were wounded, while escorting a convoy through the city. This incident pushed the company into the limelight and it has had to face some hard truths about the way in which it is running its operations in Iraq. The government of USA has been able to increase the number of ground staff by employing private security operatives. This has helped them to maintain the troop levels on the ground without resorting to draft. These private security operators are a part of a ‘shadow army’ which is better trained and equipped than some of the militaries of many countries. In August 2003, Blackwater officially became the security provider for the U.S. civilian

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