Monday, September 9, 2019

Political Science Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 8

Political Science - Assignment Example I disagree with the statement that rational choice model of policy making means problems are approached in a well ordered sequence. This is because the model seeks to benefit those using it in the policy making process but not the policy followers. This means that one opts to use the rational choice model to gain from it while others will not leap an equal benefit (Bond & Smith, 2013). Similarly, the model is preferred by most politicians since it creates opportunities for them to benefit from. They only use the model for their individual benefit but not for the benefit of society at large (Cornish & Clarke, 2014). Lastly, individuals rarely have complete information about an issue. This is because the information may be withheld by one individual or a group in order to benefit from it. Therefore, in using the rational choice model problems are not approached in a well mannered form. In conclusion, the rational choice model is only used by individuals whose prime aim is to benefit themselves at the expense of others. It contains unrealistic assumptions that are used to simplify complicated choices as well as the predictions. Therefore, the theory ought to be substituted with more applicable and reasonable theories such as the democratic

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