Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Extortion of the Jamacian People :: essays research papers

INTRODUCTION According to the 2006 edition of Microsoft Encarta published by Microsoft Corporation terrorism has existed for at least 2000 years and is likely to remain a fixture on political agendas, both locally and internationally for years to come. This practice provides unproblematic means by which the weak can meet head-on with much stronger opponents. It consequently has an enduring application to the alienated and the disenfranchised, the aggrieved and the rancorous, the powerless and the would-be powerful. This word itself brings trepidation and anyone who is dubbed a potential terrorist gives the impression of being hazardous. Terrorism, which is the unofficial or unauthorized use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims, has been chosen the theme for this portfolio. The topic of this writer will be extortion, which is a form of terrorism, how it affects the lives of Jamaican people and the parts the so-called â€Å"dons† play in this brutal act. This writer is impelled to magnify the main points surrounding this matter and to craft a healthier understanding surrounding the driving force behind people’s pathway of being an extortionist. This writer is determined to release the cages that are infrequently released from around the less discussed areas of this topic. It can be assured that after having a look at this portfolio the reader/readers will have a better understanding of extortion and how it affects the lives of the Jamaican people. I chose this topic because of my love for the ghetto and the pessimistic impact extortion has had on the lives of the ghetto people and also to expand my knowledge on the topic. As a prospective businessperson it give me the opportunity to amplify my knowledge about the possibility of extortion. This writer in exploring the selected topic experienced a lot of challenges: Time – Being a Seventh Day Adventist my Saturdays were off. Therefore the only access to books was in the school library. Due to the structure of my time table a lot of problems were faced in having adequate access to the library facilities at my school. Resources – A lot of effort was being placed on finding information on the topic. This was the most challenging part. I trust that this phase of my study will be very entertaining yet informative to all those who read.

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