Friday, September 13, 2019

Determine whether or not the affects of this new store will be a net Essay

Determine whether or not the affects of this new store will be a net positive for the area, or a net negetive - Essay Example (City of Kyle, 2011) There has been some research and discussion at the city council meeting over the proposed construction of a new Wal Mart Super Center. There are no big box stores in Kyle, therefore the addition of a Wal Mart would employ 200 people; as well as make shopping for both food and necessities much more convenient for the residents. There are several problems with this, however; Wal Mart tends to have a negative affect on wages, the economy, and the environment. Its business practices are questionable, placing employees and the city at risk. Wal Mart is noted for predatory pricing, low wage jobs that offer very limited benefits, and for receiving public subsidies. It destroys the environment and creates more urban sprawl. (Moberg, 2004) (Norman, 1999) Wal-Mart courts those at poverty level declaring itself to be the â€Å"low price leader†. However, the low prices extend across the board to include low wages and low quality products. Wal-Mart is known for market ing practices aimed at minority ethnic groups and low income individuals. Not only are the wages rock bottom, but also the employment practices are questionable. ... Wal-Mart workers are subject to long hours, few breaks, and often precarious working conditions that eventually result in ER visits or hospitalizations. With no health care benefits, the cost of health care rises for any area where there is a Wal-Mart, with the townspeople paying the cost through taxation to cover indigent care. (Chaddha, 2007) Wal-Mart is also known for supporting racist views; Andrew Young, former mayor of Atlanta was chosen as the spokesperson for the Working Families for Wal-Mart and issued some racist comments regarding how smaller independent businesses were Jewish owned and raised the prices to cheat the people while Wal-Mart gave everyone low prices; Wal-Mart eventually dismissed him in order to avoid a major lawsuit. Wal-Mart’s foreign operations exploits workers by forcing them to work long hours with no breaks, failure to provide safety equipment for work, beating uncooperative employees, and forcing them to work in unsafe conditions. It violates ch ild labor laws by working underage teenagers long hours without breaks. It knowingly hires illegal aliens for construction of Wal-Mart facilities across the nation. One way Wal-Mart had forced full-time workers to become part-time thereby losing their limited benefits is to require employees to rotate shift work so that they don’t have a regular schedule in order to attend classes or make leisure plans; this adds tremendously to the work stress. Managers are forced to work overtime with no extra pay; their positions are salaried, whereas the other workers are forced to clock out and continue working until their workload has been accomplished. Wal-Mart employees in dangerous neighborhoods are often locked in at night. (, 2011) Wal-Mart effects the economy by outsourcing

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