Saturday, August 10, 2019

3 extra credits Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

3 extra credits - Assignment Example to remind Greg of this in a low tone, but Greg cuts her off, avoids eye contact and in a loud voice; tells her that her cheerleading team is so boring that one could drop dead from watching them and that she might as well quit. Jess, then says nothing and Greg in turn inform her that they are moving to the next occasion. Jess tries to explain to Greg that she is a cheerleader and cannot afford to miss the game, but Greg pulls her by the waist and leads her towards the college gate telling her that they will have more fun at the party. Emily reluctantly agrees and follows Greg to the party missing her equally important game. Right from the start, Greg does not show any interest in what Jess has to say. He does not give her a chance to talk and when Jess tries to he immediately cuts her off. Jess, on the other hand, does not communicate with Greg about the importance of the cheerleading team and at some point goes quiet. The characters also avoid eye contact. Greg makes all the decisions in the relationship without wanting to get Jess’s opinion and Jess do not have the courage to refuse his proposals even when they are not in line with what she has planned. The characters should have maintained eye right from the beginning of the conversation. Disclosure is important in communication; Jess should, therefore, learn to disclose her feelings to Greg. Jess should also have been assertive in her communication with Greg. Greg should have listened to Jess; not only by waiting for her to voice out her issues, feedback, and not interject her in the middle of her conversation. The first sentence of the article population growth and control review is contradictory to what the author talks about in the main article. The author begins the sentence stating that, through history, human beings have been an inconsequential pressure on the planet. This might not be the way that the writer would want to start his article because, throughout the article, the writer talks about how

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