Thursday, August 15, 2019

Holden’s Trust Issues

Throughout the book Holder shows multiple signs of people trying to help him, but he ultimately pushes them away. I believe that this stems from his original problem when he lost both of his brothers. He trusted that his family would stay and protect him, but when Allele died and D. B. â€Å"sold out,† his parents sent him away. So to Holder, the word trust means betrayal. When Allele passed away, Holder thought that Allele had left him.He knew in his mind that Allele did not die on purpose but Holder could not decide who else to blame. He â€Å"broke all the windows in the garage†¦ Even tried to break all the windows on the station wagon†¦ But [his] hand was already broken. † (Slinger 39) And to literally add insult to injury, the fact that he could no longer put his hand into a fist constantly reminded him of Allies departure. According to Holder, It had not been long after Allies death when D. B. Left. When D. B. Left, to Holder, that was the ultimate betra yal. At the time of the narrative, D.B. Lived â€Å"out in Hollywood†¦ Being a prostitute† (2). The one word Holder used the most was probably phony. When his brother sold himself out, Holder probably became furious for leaving and called him a phony. Holder's bitterness towards â€Å"phoniness† probably came from the betrayal he received from his brother. But this still did not anger him as much as the betrayal he received from their parents. Holder believes that his parents hate him because they keep shipping him to different schools after he continues to get kicked out of them.He thinks that they are disappointed and ashamed of him. At the beginning of the story, he predicted that they will be â€Å"pretty irritated about [getting kicked out again]†¦ [since] this is the fourth school [he's] gotten kicked out of† (9). He thinks that his parents have given up on him and Just keep sending him to different schools to keep him out of trouble. Due to his emotional trauma, Holder cannot trust anyone anymore. He tries to make friends with a lot of people throughout the book, but something always came p that would not allow him to.This probably came from his belief that he will be betrayed and humiliated if he got to close. So he tried to be friends, but his subconscious made excuses to push these people away. He begins realizes this at the end of the book when he begins to leave New York, but his sister, Phoebe, tries to go with him. He realizes that him pushing his sister away is Just what his family did to him, and he does not want to scar his sister as well, so he decides to stay. Holder's Trust Issues By administer

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