Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Sales Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 2

Sales Management - Essay Example Sales personnel need motivation to get their tasks done in an amicable manner and this is the reason why sales management is often thought of as a difficult job. Sales personnel compensation is therefore given the importance due to a number of factors, all of which play their due role within the shaping up of work ideologies and the manner in which sales management has come about as a major force to reckon with. Therefore money takes the preference when it comes to understanding the real motivation behind the sales professionals2. If they are not paid properly, this could lead to a host of issues, all of which come directly under the aegis of low productivity and even lower morale exhibited on their part. Sales personnel compensation forms the backbone of discerning success under such quarters and an organization is always more than willing to hire the sales staff that understands its financial position and tries to balance their undertakings in the same light. Some compensation plans are based on the fact that the employees (or sales professionals) get commissions based on their work manifestations. This means that if they do more work and have better sales figures than their colleagues, they get the best mileage when it comes to their compensation mechanisms. The ones who bring in fewer sales therefore face the brunt as they do not receive any commissions as such. On the same token, another compensation plan is rationalized by understanding that the sales professionals work on a fixed compensation and they would receive a salary no matter how much sales they make at the end of a particular time period3. This is in essence the normal mechanism of working where sales professionals are bringing in the desired quota of sales and thus looking to exploit the resources that are available at their disposal without paying too much heed towards receiving incentives in the form of commissions from the organization that they basically work for.

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