Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Alcohol Abuse Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Alcohol Abuse - Essay Example The marital conflict is common in the family where alcohol is abused. Conflicts arise due to mismatching of goals and aspirations. The spouse of the person who abuses alcohol feels like isolated. Initially, dialogues between them generate small trifles but soon take a shape of major conflicts. A person with alcohol abuse becomes less and less tolerant toward other family members and resorts to violence frequently. Often, children suffer most. Aggressive behavior becomes routine. If the person with alcohol abuse does not realize this in time, marital relationship may be broken off completely (Alcohol Problems in Intimate Relationships 2003). Alcohol abuse causes strain in social relationships too. Such persons often fail to act on its obligations as per the normal adult. The person becomes socially less active and feels more secured in their alcohol consumption. Any socialization process is strengthened through mutual cooperation and communication but that falls back with the person involved with alcohol. Apart from violence, other issues that start surfacing in the life of a person who indulges into alcohol abuse are economic insecurity, jealousy, infidelity culminating into divorce (Alcohol Problems in Intimate Relationships 2003). Past experience has a significant impact on the current behavior. Widom et al. (2001) cites about the study done by Ireland and Widom on 908 children with legally proved abuse and another group of 667 children without any abusive histories. The study was to find out whether childhood victimization was resulting into alcohol related abuse during adult age. The study did conclude that in case of females alcohol abuse during adult age was related to the childhood victimization; however, same study also concluded that childhood victimization in case of males was not causing alcohol or other drug abuse. A follow up study also came to the same conclusion. The authors further argue that physical or sexual

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