Thursday, August 8, 2019

Software Engneering 1 Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Software Engneering 1 - Case Study Example The name of the system is an online management system for a magazine publisher. The main actor in the use cases is an editor. The targeted actors for this system are an editor and an internet user who needs articles from a publishers’ online store. The system is aimed at aiding an editor to add and upload new articles into the system. In addition, it aids in provision of a bird’s eye view of the available articles in the system. It further plays significant role in ensuring that the editor can delete articles depending on necessity at hand. Thus, the use cases used are add, upload, view, find and delete. The goal for an add use case is to aid an editor in adding new published documents into the system. The Upload use case is to aid the editor load in new published documents or files from his or her computer to the online management system. The view use case will be functional to both the editor and the users (actors) over the internet. This will aid both in having a bird’s eye view of the available published documents. The find use case is aimed to aid the editor and users across the internet have a functional area where they can use to seek out for something. Finally and yet importantly is the delete use case that is to provide a function for the editor to remove a document from the systems database or display region. As seen from the above use case diagram, the processes involved in the online management system include: An editor updating the system by adding and uploading an item. In addition, a key process that is vital in the system is that an editor is provided with the functionality to remove an item from the

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