Friday, August 9, 2019

Assesment Paper Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Assesment Paper - Assignment Example As a result, I am rigid of character and prefer dealing with details and facts. Because of my evaluative character, I prefer being logical on things and aim at achieving the best from things. The knowledgeable character that I have leads me towards preferring ideas that are challenging and require me to go deeper into things. As a result, I have an objective feature that enables me to look at the optimistic side of things. From my social character, I have a long chain of friends who have further enabled in the development of my character. The sociable character has enabled me to deal with a wide majority of individuals, which has come in handy with features that are more sociable. Such features include developing new relationships with others. Such has allowed me a chance to lead a more interactive people. With such characters, being with people brings me all the joy. The need to uphold my ideologies has depicted that I have a concrete and literal feature. The concrete nature enables me to hold onto my ideas, while preventing control by other people. As such, I prefer to make decisions based on my feelings as opposed to logic. I am more secure following my conscience as opposed to group proposals. Following the program, I was able to realize that I may be holding a leadership position in the next five years. A number of leadership skills will enable the performance in this capacity. The main leadership strengths include the ability to influence others. During the evaluation program, I realized that I have great skills in communicating ideas to other people. My well-enhanced communication skills, bolstered by interactive characters, will enable me in working in a leadership capacity in the future. Moreover, my goal-oriented character would ensure a sense of direction in managing others as a leader. I will be able to ensure the interaction between people and the ensuing pooling of efforts to achieve a common set of

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