Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Problem Solution Paper Essay Example for Free

Problem Solution Paper Essay After assessing my LASSI test scores, I’ve learned that I need some improvement in my study habits. To name a few, some of my strengths are concentration, motivation, and selecting main ideas, however, my weak areas such as information processing, study aids, and time management all were right on target. I’ve always had problems with studying something that I did not understand, therefore it would frustrate me and I would not spend much time on it. I am currently struggling with this problem in my English 111 class because it is hard to process what I am reading in the textbook. In addition to that I am a full time general manager at a restaurant and it is very demanding, working long hours and then trying to come home and study, I am forced to cram my school work in on my off days because I am very tired. I really feel that if I do not come up with better time management skills and stop cramming my work that my short-term problem academically will be that I turn in below average assignments or not even meet deadlines. My long-term problem will be that I fail my class and lose my financial aid, so I will definitely put more effort into a solution. My problem is time-management and the three solutions that I have researched and think would be a good fit for me are 1. Blocks of study times and breaks. [ management] The advantage of this solution is that I would have time set aside to study with the option to take a break so I want get to tired. The disadvantage of this is I might take a break and never come back to it because of other distractions such as tv, cellphone, fatigue, etc. Secondly, review planner weekly. [ management] I would be able to review planner and know when test and deadlines are do for papers. The disadvantage would be, if I’m not consistent with logging things in the planner I could forget about something. Lastly, the third solution would be to stay healthy, schedule rest.  The advantage of this would be that I would be well rested and rejuvenated to tackle my scheduled task, and disadvantage would be that I get home at 5pm sometimes and if I take a nap I will not be able to recover from that. I feel that the best solution would be to set aside time to study and take breaks if needed and I will use this strategy with my English 111 class.

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